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Barra Beyond the Blue is an ongoing documentary project about a rural Hebridean island of Scotland. It explores the remote and rugged landscape, while at the same time taking an inimate look into the lives of the islanders.


Years ago I was enchanted by the Caribbean-esque turquoise waters that surrounds Barra after reading an online article about this summertime haven. I quickly added a visit to the island onto my bucket list. But instead of coming here as a tourist during the sunny season, to indulge myself in beach life, another opportunity presented itself. When a friend moved to Isle of Barra, I started taking a great interest in the Outer Hebrides, and the idea of a photography project went from lose pub talk, to a project set in stone. My research assured me that this small barren island had a lot more on offer than the mesmerizing colour of the sea; which is what the travel guide books so often advertise. 


Barra: Beyond the Blue documents life and the vast barren lands; it investigates the relationship between the island and the people living there. I recognise that the sea often plays an important part in a photograph's narrative, but yet I have dicided not to majorly depict the turqoise nautical wonder. It is hinted. It sits firmly on the shoreline of an image. 


The project is ongoing since November 2015, with the aim to become a published piece of documentary; a comprehensive photo story on this rural and isolated part of Scotland. 

Barra: Beyond the Blue in the media:

BBC Highlands & Islands:

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