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Making Waves is a series of Scottish seascapes from Edinburgh photographer Malena Persson. The series is based upon a David vs. Goliath theme, a depiction of an ongoing clash between a Nature that is being taken for granted, and the forces that silently reap havoc. The images juxtapose the frailness of living things, against a monstrous Colossus: our modern age machines and the everturning wheels of industry. Making Waves is commenting on human impact on the environment, where each of the images explores a different issue.


By appropriating found images, as well as constructing scenes out of multiple photographs, I ask the viewer to question what they see, and not simply accept what is being presented as a truth. Making Waves is both an invitation to debate, and a wish that more of us would start paying closer attention to what emerges from the shores of the periphery. 

The series was exhibited as part of Egalitarian Frames at the Edinburgh World Justice Festival 2015, and at the Image Collective in 2019. 

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